Rebuilding The Soil – OISF

Thu 7th September 2023

About the event

Since industrialisation, two-thirds of all global greenhouse gas emissions have come from fossil fuels. The other third has come from – remarkably – the land. The immense amount of carbon dioxide that green plants absorb is far outweighed by the amount of carbon lost from soil, due to the continuing depletion of organic matter. But, says Prof. Karen Johnson of Durham University, we can rebuild our soils and the local economy at the same time. ‘Waste’ minerals applied to the soil help it take up more carbon from organic matter. Improved soil is more resilient to flood and drought, and so we can create economic opportunities for communities through soil regeneration. “A nation that rebuilds its soils rebuilds itself.”

The Orkney Theatre, KGS Orkney


Time: 5:15pm - 6:15pm

Cost: £6
Concession: £4

Location and instructions:

The Orkney Theatre, KGS Orkney

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