Wild Women’s Circle at Outwith Arts Festival

Sun 10th September 2023

About the event

Join Stef from Oak & Wildflower in the bell-tent for a transformative experience at our Wild
Women’s Circle. This empowering event offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature
and each other.
● Explore the healing power of herbal medicine.
● Take part in a mystery herbal tea tasting and try wild-ingredient baked goods while
learning how to forage the ingredients yourself.
● Embrace the serenity of nature in a supportive circle with like-minded women.
● A guided relaxation to help to you feel more grounded and calm.
● A safe space to open up and share with other women without risk of judgment or
Don’t miss this chance to slow down, unwind, and discover the wisdom of the wild within

Limited spots available, so reserve yours now!

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost: £9.09

Location and instructions:

Pittencrieff House

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